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Does your organization have a library of eLearning content that was created using Adobe Flash?

For years, Flash was the industry standard development tool for remote learning, but as of 2020, Adobe no longer supports Flash and most modern web browsers no longer support it. Add to that the significant increase of people using mobile devices to view eLearning content and it has become a requirement to convert these older Flash based lessons into the modern HTML5 format.  This is where I can help!
I have extensive experience converting legacy training modules into modern, HTML5 compliment learning.  Whether you have a simple demonstration (passive learning) or a highly interactive simulation (active learning), I can help your organization upgrade your legacy eLearning library to meet the needs of the modern learner.

I offer four ways to upgrade your legacy Flash based courses to HTML5. Which one might be best for you?

Re-record existing lessons without the source files

If your existing courses don’t contain any interactive content, similar to YouTube videos and LinkedIn Learning, then conversion may be as simple as re-recording the lessons as an MP4 video.  Though this format doesn’t support any in-lesson interaction, it is a quick and easy method to modernize simple eLearning courses.  MP4 videos are inherently scalable to any screen size, and depending on the method of deployment, can be automatically optimized for faster download.

Republish legacy courses using the existing source files

If your existing lessons contain interactive elements, and you have access to the original source files, then republishing may be the way to go.  I have the ability to update and republish Flash based projects created with Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, Adobe Captivate, and Adobe Flash, into the modern HTML5 format.  Not only can I handle the conversion of your legacy source files, but I can make sure that they are fully accessible (Section 508 compliant) and ready for use in your LMS system. I can also republish PowerPoint based lessons into either Storyline or Captivate based HTML5.

Rebuild existing lessons in order to modernize them

Do you have an existing interactive Flash based lesson, but don’t have access to the original source files? Then a rebuild may be your solution. 
I can rebuild your existing content, from the ground up, making sure all of the existing interactions and quiz content are fully functional, and integrated with your LMS system.  This process is more time consuming, but guarantees that you get the full impact of your legacy lessons in a modern HTML5 environment. This rebuild can be done in either Articulate Storyline, or Adobe Captivate, depending on which development platform best aligns with your content needs.

Redesign exiting lessons to take full advantage of new technologies

Depending on the age of your existing eLearning content, there may be significant technology upgrades available.  If you wish to take advantage of the upgrade process to redesign your online courses, in order to leverage newer technologies such as drag and drop interactions and multi-state objects, I can help.  With the redesign process, I would essentially use your existing lesson files as a type of storyboard, to guide the process of recreating the lessons from the ground up.  Although this is the most time consuming of the four conversion options, you would end up with a brand new, highly modernized eLearning course.

Can I help?

Would you like you set up a consultation to discuss your upgrade needs?  Use my contact form to provide a brief description of you organizations needs, and I’ll get back with your just as soon as possible.